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RC44 Marstrand Cup with HYT WatchesWe came home from Sweden where we joined HYT replica watches to witness the RC44 Marstrand Cup. The RC44 is often a sailing class by itself that has a one-design racing yacht replica rolex . As all ships are strictly identical everthing depends upon the crew along with their skills. With plenty of 'big names' in the sailing world on deck you'll not be blown away we witnessed some fast paced action fully briefed. Fully briefed we hear you believe? Yes! The RC44 Cup affords the unique experience to relish the race, throughout the last heat, from the comfort of the spartan deck.So time for last Thursday in Marstrand. After getting to the stand we had arrived welcomed by HYT plus the individuals from RC44. Daily instructions for your teams are and then an exhibition about sailing, the RC44 Cup and program for the day.Afterwards HYT presents us because of their H1 Air RC44 timpiece. Created included in the partnership as official timekeeper with the RC44 Championship Tour. A few of the biggest alterations with the HYT H1 would be the by using an aluminium composite with the case and a sapphire dial with applied carbon fibre, leaving details underneath visible. The RC logo is used at the 4 0'clock position, the 44 is found for the seconds disc. Within the caseback you will see a 4 that may be shaped as the steering wheels with the yachts. The H1 Air RC44 is bound to 22 pieces only. We discover the 44 feet yachts are identical and constructed for performance. These ships weigh roughly 3500kg which often 2200kg is in the keel. This low weight is a result of using carbon only for with regards to the yacht. They're specifically created for straightforward transport because the annual 5 events are held on various locations in the world. After deteriorating the ship it can be transported without oversize restrictions. The hightech ships increase the risk for link to HYT clear. High-end and precision are key phrases for both in the same way the liquid they must perform properly.Once the last instructions ("don't speak with the crew and follow them from left to right") we continue on board of the hospitality ship and continue with the yachts for the circuit. Five minutes before the addition of the first fleet race, a solid signal has and many types of Rolex Replica yachts plan for first. They all align and attempt to cross the starting line precisely once the starting flag drops. Throughout the roughly 40 minutes in the first race our hospitality ship sails plus the racing yachts.Halfway during the second fleet race we transfer from your comfortable boat to a small rib boat, just as soon as again continue with the yachts along the race track. With moderate waves it is an exciting experience as the rib slams into your waves and water splashes in all directions. Because second race finishes we join the RC44 yachts and go on board of just one. I'd personally join the Bronenosec Sailing Team who won the championship in 2014. After climbing on board I made my approach to the back of the ship as instructed. After a short discuss with the crew (they desired to be sure I listened with the presentation) then it's time to the 3rd race. Before it starts onwards the crew bring their position and runs the ship being a well oiled machine, constantly considering climatic conditions, waves plus the competition."Listening carefully to your instructions earlier I found that only photographers had fallen from the yachts up to now."It was amazing to discover how concentrated citizens were along with the speed of minor adjustments being made whole time. Honestly I didnt count on seeing that much action and intense racing. While going upwind you experienced to hold on tight because ship was almost at the 45 degree angle. Listening carefully to your instructions earlier I found that only photographers had fallen over yachts until now. Downwind was far more comfortable and left more room for many pictures. During the race the yachts equivalent, very close! Sometime there even was some minor contact between yachts. To offer an impact of methods precise and shut the ships are raced, this is a photo of yachts crossing paths just meters apart.Some 40 minutes later we finish in third position and head back for your harbour. replica rolex latest watches What an amazing experience this was. breitling watch company We want to thank HYT Watches plus the RC44 Class Association because of this experience and great hospitality. replica best swiss watches
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